Red Rock Counseling consists of like-minded therapists that want to change Las Vegas for the better - establishing a safe place to work through life’s challenges.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help those in our community achieve the life and goals they desire by providing evidence-based therapy practices proven to bring about successful outcomes. That is why we are devoted to providing affordable rates for clients in need of counseling with graduate students, who we supervise as they gain counseling experience.


We value differences and a diverse practice, servicing clients from all backgrounds, communities, and walks of life. We work collaboratively with our clients to teach the tools they need to be successful, in and out of therapy.


We believe the client is an expert on who they are. Together, with our training and knowledge of relationships and human behavior, we work to build a genuine therapeutic relationship with each of our clients to achieve their goals.

By offering caring, compassionate and thoughtfully planned assistance of sufficient depth and length we can achieve balance, solve problems and build needed skills.

Being trusted by vulnerable people navigating delicate transitions is the most fulfilling experience I could have ever hoped for in a career.
— Susan Dow, Owner and Therapist at Red Rock Counseling
I absolutely love what I do — unflinchingly support my clients and offer a safe environment free of judgment to express themselves; never take for granted the privilege of their trust to help during some of life’s most difficult times.
— Adrienne O'Neal, Owner and Therapist at Red Rock Counseling


It is our primary goal is to strive for excellence when aiding others in their pursuit of living enriched lives while reaching for their fullest potential. All too often, we are challenged with accepting our past, learning to cope with our present and/or planning for the future. We believe everyone has the ability to heal and grow through meaningful interactive therapy. 


EDUCATES the public about mental health issues, treatment approaches, the process of therapy, and the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy.

EMPOWERS wellness journeys through access to reliable, unbiased, and nonpathologizing information.

CHALLENGES the myths, stereotypes, and stigmas that can surround relationship and mental behavioral health concerns and which prevent people from getting help.

GOALS For therapists:

FACILITATES a community of therapists who believe in and adhere to principles of ethical therapy and are committed to reducing harm in therapy.

SUPPORTS compassionate, collaborative therapists in their practices through access to quality continuing education events, up-to-date therapy news and information, and resources related to ethics and power dynamics in therapy.

INVIGORATES the psychotherapist's quest for growth and excellence through authentic interpersonal engagement.

GOALS For Student Interns:

TRAINS competent, culturally aware, ethical student counselors who will provide exceptional psychotherapy services in both public and private settings to meet the needs of increasingly diverse communities.

PROVIDES learning and growth opportunities for both seasoned professionals and new therapists.

STRIVES to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations. 

SUPERVISES the skills necessary for academic success, personal growth, positive interpersonal relationships, and career development.