Brandon Eddy, PhD., MFT-Intern

Dr. Brandon Eddy, an assistant professor in the Couple and Family Therapy Program within the School of Medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), works with individuals, couples, and families, helping with a variety of presenting issues. Dr. Eddy specializes in the transition to parenthood (postpartum depression, miscarriage, infertility) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

The healing power of horses lies in their non-judgmental, kind, and gentle manner. Horses have a natural ability to speak to humans, without saying anything at all. Horses act as biofeedback machines, or “emotional mirrors” for their human counterparts.

Nicole McDonagh - CPC Student Therapist

Nicole has a special interest in working with clients that struggle with anxiety, trauma, PTSD, addiction and discomfort. Through collaborative efforts, Nicole and her clients work together to safely explore the past and work in the here and now to build a sturdy foundation into the future.

Nicole has been described as a gentle, comforting person that uses love, laughter and listening skills to support and empower her clients.

Beth Surya - CPC Student Therapist

Beth uses a caring, client-centered approach to create a sincere and supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and thrive. Her approach is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT). Her sessions are collaborative and insightful, which allow her clients to understand their progress and ultimately learn healthy coping skills.

Infertility: Understanding & Supporting

Infertility: Understanding & Supporting

Whether an individual or couple struggles with infertility or is infertile, both experiences are incredibly painful and take a significant mental, emotional, physical, psychological, and financial toll. It is important to highlight that there is a difference between struggling with infertility and being infertile (sometimes referred to as sterility), especially as it may inform the direction of therapy.

LGBTQIA Mental Health & Wellness: Written by Laura Gracia

LGBTQIA Mental Health & Wellness: Written by Laura Gracia

Struggles with mental health and wellness are experienced universally and, in any case, seeking therapy can be a wonderful way to address the concerns you have. Working with a therapist can help you to reach your goals, improve your relationships, increase your emotional intelligence, and manage and address symptoms of a mental health diagnosis. Although everyone can benefit from the insights gained and the work done in therapy, those who are LGBTQIA identifying can face unique struggles that threaten their mental health and therefore may profit especially from seeking therapy.

Lauren Ender - MFT Student Therapist

Lauren specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families as a whole. She has experience helping individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, life transitions, emotional regulation, stress management, eating disorders, and relationship issues. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, she is here to support you in your journey.

Laura Gracia - MFT Student Therapist

Laura enjoys working with couples and adolescents, and has experience with clients of all ages and types of relationships. She uses a client-centered, individually tailored approach for everyone she sees. As no two people are the same, no single model can fit all clients. She gives unique and individual attention to each client, developing a method that best suits you.