Red Rock Counseling is proud to announce the opening of our new location in Summerlin.

Our newly remodeled Park Run office has much to offer, not only to clients but our colleagues as well. With an inviting, contemporary, and therapeutic environment, we hope to create an engaging space for all.

The space includes 15 offices (long-term lease, day, and hourly offices available), private lounge and break room, large waiting room with a luxury client café and charging stations, and spacious play therapy room. Exterior offices for longer-term lease commitments with large windows available.

Office Location:

10655 West Park Run Drive Suite 210, Las Vegas Nv, 89144

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Therapist Room 1

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We know the challenges confronting private practice therapists and counseling professionals.

We get it. Getting started in private practice is difficult. And even after you're established, the costs and time commitments of running an office leaves little time for focusing on your practice itself.

How do we know? Because we're therapists too, and we've gone through it all - every challenge of starting and maintaining a traditional private practice office space lease.

Created a space where new clinicians could minimize the expensive start-up costs and overhead of a private practice while enjoying the community of working close to other professionals. During that process, we identified the greatest barriers to starting up a practice:

  • Finding adequate office space that's not too big and costly or too small;

  • Locating available space in a safe, desirable part of town that's actually affordable;

  • Having the liquidity or committing the finances to build the spaces out to our needs;

  • Proving the rental history to our lessor that would allow us to build the space out;

  • Avoiding costly triple net leases that make it hard to turn a profit early;

  • Having to pay burdensome maintenance costs for common spaces in shared buildings;

  • And all of the other hidden costs that force so many private practices to fail early on high-quality Class A office space made just for therapy, psychotherapy, and other counseling professionals (mental health).

We strive to create a safe community of professionals by carefully vetting everyone who rents space at our facilities to make sure they meet high standards of professionalism and decorum.

Red Rock Counseling is a place where we have the freedom to focus on our practice with the support to succeed in the business of mental health.

We hope you'll consider joining us.

- The Red Rock Counseling Team

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